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Focus for Success


There are so many distractions – the balance of work and family, a to-do list that is miles long, and social media – just off the top of my head. On our ‘theNextStep’ journey we continue to look at the various aspects that lead a person or company to be successful. A consistent item for discussionRead More

  I am a personal development junkie. To be more politically correct, a ‘lifelong learner’ – much more palatable, don’t you think? While we can joke about it, strongly taking actions to more fully develop yourself is an important activity. I am reminded often of this quote . . . . “If you’re not growing,Read More

The facilitator urged everyone in the room to reach out and find a mentor. Most heard the words, maybe even jotted it down in their notes — “Get a Mentor“. One person heard the words, internalized them, and before she could change her mind — took action. Looking across the room she made her decision, she made a connection,Read More

My smart phone quit working a few weeks ago. I could still make calls (who would have thought – these crazy hand held devices really can be used for calls), but all data functions ceased. No email – no calendar – no internet – no online apps. I am pretty certain that I can doRead More

This last week I was honored to be part of a Chamber of Commerce Leadership Delegation visiting another community. This was a fact finding trip – sharing successes and challenges of the host city – identifying those positives that we might apply in our community. It would be an understatement to say that it wasRead More

What If?


The more we know, the more we realize what we don’t know (check out this link).  As we have talked about before, this is a good thing.  Young, or old(er), we can always learn.  And one of the best ways to learn is to be present in the moment, listening, and of course questioning. This last weekend I attended the WhatRead More