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There seems to be a technology gap in my life. I am driving down the road – the radio is on – usually just background noise.  What was that?  I catch the tail end of a conversation (maybe an advertisement) and immediately reach forward to rewind.

Do you follow the posted speed limits on roads and highways in your community (most of the time)? Why? How attentive would you be to those speed limits if there was no law enforcement present to inspect your actions? Be honest. Are their people on your team that routinely roll in to work 15 minutes late? How attentiveRead More

I left the house the other morning early for a 90 minute drive. Driving time often generates the topics for my weekly emails. This trip was no different. Driving into a sunrise – well that was just a bonus, inspiring, and thought provoking. I got to my destination, pulled out my journal, and did a quickRead More

How determined are you to succeed? How strong is your perseverance when confronted with obstacles? How about your team? Do your team members push through adversity or do they give up early?   Do they have tenacity . . . that quality of being determined to do or achieve something; a firmness of purpose?

How many would agree that our actions have a direct impact on those around us? I just heard a resounding YES over the inter-webs. The way that we approach our daily tasks have an impact on employees, bosses, co-workers, spouses, kids – everyone around us.   I want to share an example that has hauntedRead More

It’s been a grueling week – it’s Friday afternoon and half of the team has cut out early – you are still at the office trying to wrap up something that you started on Tuesday – Tuesday, two weeks ago. Sound familiar . . . ? It’s not coming together – the phone rings, andRead More

Who Do You Know?


How many times have you heard – it’s not what you know but who you know?   There is little argument that our networks are a critical component to our success.  These are the folks that we call when we need something.   And for that reason we attend networking events, we collect business cards. We connectRead More

“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’  Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”                                          Read More

How many times do you stress about your calendar?  Do you sit up at night wondering if you have remembered all of your appointments?  How often are you double-booked . . . . on accident?  Have you ever missed a meeting because it didn’t make your calendar or it was the wrong time?  Me tooRead More

A while back I was playing a board game with my great nieces (ages 2 & 5).  To kids this age rules are somewhat irrelevant – it’s really about the dice (and finding them after the roll – or throw) and moving the pieces around to pretty spots. This can be pretty frustrating – even withRead More