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7:45 am on a local four lane road. The car ahead of me is going about 10 mph below the posted speed limit – travelling in the right lane with his left turn signal on. I’m stuck. Many of the passing cars noted the turn signal and provide the driver sufficient room to move intoRead More

.           “Please excuse any typos and mispellings?” If this is part of your email signature line you might want to move on – you are probably not going to agree with this post. . I had an experience the other day that reminded me of how important attention to my emailRead More

Speaking and hearing come to us naturally, starting as toddlers. Communication is one of our basic skills. Most would agree that increasing the effectiveness of this one skill could greatly enhance your business and personal success. We should be very intentional about the effectiveness of our communication. I have read the books, but thought IRead More

I love this graphic. For many, just the mere viewing of this graphic creates stress. Word problems and math problems have scarred (and scared) more students than not over the years. This graphic to me, however, is symbolic of many of the challenges we face each day in our work lives. We are asked to create solutions based onRead More

I attended a presentation at the local Chamber of Commerce and left with several pages of notes and ideas.  Last week one of the guys at the office invited me in for an informal meeting . . . my conditioned response was ‘be right back with my notepad’. One of my closest mentors and friendRead More