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Diana Ratliff

  • Goal Setting – Year End Review

    Like most people, for many years I found it difficult to have a meaningful goal setting process that had any chance of success.  I am a prolific reader of business development and personal growth books, blogs, and newsletters.  I am pretty smart and got the message — goals are essential to be successful — and I certainly played around with it a lot. 

  • Reframing the Message – Negative Self Talk

      What is this craziness going on in our heads? What is it with these inner voices and negative ‘self talk’?   I can’t . . . . I never . . . . If only I . . . . I am just . . . .   Theses are just a few examplesRead More

  • Customer Service is an Art

    I think that most of you will agree that there is an art to good Customer Service.  We can read books and books and books about customer service (when in doubt, just google it). According to Efraim Turban in Electronic Commerce: A Managerial and Social Networks Perspective, “Customer Service is a series of activities designedRead More

  • Ineffective Voice Mails and other Phone Stuff

      How many voice mails do you receive each day at work or home? Multiple times a day someone makes a deliberate attempt to reach out to you – to convey a message and/or ask for a response. This is not a very scientific statistic, but I know that more than 30% of the voiceRead More

  • Focus for Success

    There are so many distractions – the balance of work and family, a to-do list that is miles long, and social media – just off the top of my head. On our ‘theNextStep’ journey we continue to look at the various aspects that lead a person or company to be successful. A consistent item for discussionRead More

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