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I think that most of you will agree that there is an art to good Customer Service.  We can read books and books and books about customer service (when in doubt, just google it). According to Efraim Turban in Electronic Commerce: A Managerial and Social Networks Perspective, “Customer Service is a series of activities designedRead More

Focus for Success


There are so many distractions – the balance of work and family, a to-do list that is miles long, and social media – just off the top of my head. On our ‘theNextStep’ journey we continue to look at the various aspects that lead a person or company to be successful. A consistent item for discussionRead More

  I am a personal development junkie. To be more politically correct, a ‘lifelong learner’ – much more palatable, don’t you think? While we can joke about it, strongly taking actions to more fully develop yourself is an important activity. I am reminded often of this quote . . . . “If you’re not growing,Read More

Meetings serve an extremely important function for businesses and other organizations. They are a great for facilitating communication between the various members of your team. They save time. They can be effective in boosting morale. They provide opportunities for collaboration, accountability, getting feedback, planning, and solving problems. Well run meetings can be an opportunity toRead More

The facilitator urged everyone in the room to reach out and find a mentor. Most heard the words, maybe even jotted it down in their notes — “Get a Mentor“. One person heard the words, internalized them, and before she could change her mind — took action. Looking across the room she made her decision, she made a connection,Read More

A few weeks ago, a good friend drew an analogy between the intricacies of a watch and the workings of a business team. Later in the evening his comments were still resonating with me as I was making some adjustments to our grandfather clock. As I gave it more thought, the similarities between my clockRead More

7:45 am on a local four lane road. The car ahead of me is going about 10 mph below the posted speed limit – travelling in the right lane with his left turn signal on. I’m stuck. Many of the passing cars noted the turn signal and provide the driver sufficient room to move intoRead More