Meet Tom

tom-trabueWelcome to theNextStep – my Next Step in serving the world.

My Mission . . . 

“unlock the ‘awesomeness’ in
each individual that I work with.”

This is not only my mission, but will be my legacy. My passion for helping people is ‘insanely crazy awesome.’

I have found that one of the most powerful ways to fulfill that mission is to openly share the knowledge and experiences gained over thirty (cough, cough) some years.


Without a Doubt, I am a Process Guy

My first job as a teenager was in a pizza restaurant, a regional chain. As an overachiever I quickly became an assistant manager. This was my introduction to processes – processes for pizzas, salads, prepping food, cleaning dishes — you know, many of you had those jobs too. I was drawn to the power of processes, not only in the rote roles of food processing, but also of customer service. In 1983, I graduated with a B.S in Architectural Engineering, started a job in the private sector, and promptly started designing buildings and bridges.

Both my boss and my dad were State Highway Bridge Engineers. My engineering friends will immediately identify with ‘THERE WERE PROCESSES.’ It was a small firm and, being an overachiever, I promoted myself to Engineering Manager and started developing processes for a growing business. I was fortunate to have an awesome boss who let me spread my wings and I was able to be part of growing a company from 2 to nearly 30 before I left. After a brief stint as a public works director I was drawn back into the private sector. I later teamed up with two phenomenal partners to start an engineering company that we successfully merged with a larger company in 2015.

In 2011 the social media bug caught me and we formed KimberMedia, LLC as a platform to provide social media and web content management to clients across the country.  This company has transitioned to become a profitable division of Caledon Virtual.

Each day I marvel at the processes that have withstood the test of time in our businesses.

  • The processes were simple.
  • The processes solved real problems.
  • The processes were scalable.

As I work with new and seasoned business owners, we use this same model to develop workable processes for their businesses.

Give me a call. I would love to hear about the successes (and challenges) in your business.


Wait . . . There is More . . .

Crazy thing, the more that I coach, we have discovered a skill set way deeper and more impactful than an organized approach to developing quality processes.

My coach and mentor helped me discover that a critical component of my success is in questioning and listening – in digging deeper – and having powerful conversations with clients. Together we ‘uncover the goals behind the goals’.  We develop actionable strategies to discover and harness their dreams.

questioning and listening . . . having powerful conversations . . . 

There is no throttle on my passion for helping people – there is no on-off switch. Call me if you are interested in a deep discussion.


Oh, and I Love to Talk

  • On processes – my one hour seminar on Managing your Digital Life receives rave reviews. We will be scheduling a public seminar soon – watch for details. If you just can’t wait – call me, I would love to tailor a presentation for your team or working group.
  • Along with managing your digital life, my favorite is Effective Email Communication. Email has replaced the formal letter as a means of communication and most of our teams have not made a very good transition, AND it is effecting the customer experience.
  • Sharing my Positive Experiences as a Cancer Patient (and Survivor) makes a wonderful keynote. It is a light and uplifting talk about gratitude and the power of having an awesome support network and team.
  • I am huge Dave Ramsey fan. Some of my greatest personal successes are related to the Financial Peace University classes that I coordinated. We absolutely changed lives. Because of that experience I am often asked to provide luncheon talks about Financial Well Being and Budgeting for Irregular Incomes, and other related topics.

Each presentation is customized to address the specific needs and desires of your audience.

Need a Speaker? Contact Tom Today!