Accelerate Your Success

Announcing the . . .

         . . . Accelerate Your Success MasterMind Series


Does this sound familiar . . .  

. . . . one month into the new year – I am already off track on my stated goals for 2017. Or maybe you are like the old me – not even sure where I wrote my goals down.


This is not acceptable!


And that is why we have developed the Accelerate Your Success MasterMind Series. We are combining the incredible value of the Master Mind format with a quality educational and action oriented program to help you get back on track, stay on track, and accelerate your success.


We can’t wait – we have to start Now!


The first session of Accelerate Your Success is scheduled to start on Friday, March 3. The Master Mind series will consist of seven live sessions over 12 weeks. Each session is scheduled for one hour and will be held at our training room in the Village of Cherry Hill (west side of Columbia MO).


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What is Accelerating Your Success?

After previewing the course agenda, my mastermind group suggested the subtitle – ‘the thought process of understanding your strengths‘.

Research shows that the quickest path to success is working in your strengths. This is an important part of Accelerating Your Success, but the series will include so much more. In this series you will focus on :


  • Identity –  Who You Are?
  • Vision – Where are you going?
  • Strategy – How will you get there?
  • Purpose – Why do you want to be there?


the thought process of understanding your strengths

I believe in you.

I believe that each person has a destination and a purpose.

I believe that the Accelerate Your Success MasterMind Series will help you grow and reach your personal goals and success with intentionality.


Accelerate Your Success has been designed for you.

What should you expect?

Session 1 – What is Your Why? This session will be about you – helping you to identify who you are. Have you been able to settle in on who you are, the authentic you? To produce work that resonates with others it must first resonate at a very personal level. It is important to find out Who You Are and What is Your Why.

We will work together to develop a Personal Value Proposition based on you core values and mission.

. . . you are who you believe you are . . . 

Session 2 – Each session is designed to complement and build on the other sessions. In session 2 we will dive into your DISC Personality Profile – included as part of Accelerate Your Growth. Are you naturally a Conductor, Promoter, Analyzer, or Supporter? Understanding your strengths will enhance your effectiveness as an entrepreneur and leader.

We will finish Session 2 with an exercise and challenge to develop 90 day action items that are consistent with the Vision of who you want to be and what you want to accomplish.

Session 3 will be about Planning and Execution. This is where we ask the question . . .

‘Are You Committed to Success . . . or Just Interested?’

We will provide you the tools for you to develop a Personal Strategic Plan that complements and supports your personal vision and goals. We will discuss scorecards as a way to measure your success.

Session 4 will perhaps be the most impactful of the Accelerate Your Success sessions. Everything you learned in the first three sessions will provide background for this discussion on Emotional Intelligence. We will discuss emotional triggers, circle of concern, and circle of influence, as well as personal and professional boundaries.

‘Identifying your Emotional Triggers is critical to your personal success.’

Sessions 5 & 6 are the most valuable. We know that Accountability will Accelerate Your Success. MasterMind groups are a very effective method for your ‘friends’ to help you stay on track. These sessions also provide flexibility to develop special topics geared specifically to the MasterMind participants.

Session 7 – at the end of the twelve weeks – this is where we set you free to succeed. We are going to challenge you to prepare an Action Plan and Accountability Plan for the next 90 days.


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Frequently Asked Questions??

Who is Tom Trabue?

We encourage you to visit the Meet Tom page. Tom has been building and leading teams for more than 30 years and coaching for 5 years. His practical experience gives him an arsenal of tips and techniques to make you successful.

Why is this limited to only six people?

We have determined that 5-7 people is the optimal size to promote the most effective discussion and interaction.

How long are the sessions?

One hour. We have are going to pack a lot of information into each hour. Out of respect for everyone’s time we will start and end promptly.

Why 12 Weeks?

We are big believers in 90 day action plans. This course is not just a group discussion – we are going to Change Lives with Action. It is hard to maintain focus on 12 month goals. Big goals are more effectively reached if we break them down into quarterly action items.

What about the Facebook Group?

Each person will be invited to participate in a Private Facebook Group set up specifically for this mastermind group. This will be a safe space to communicate – ask questions, share successes, and to hold each other accountable. The success of the Facebook Group varies with each group – an active group is an incredible bonus. Belonging, and/or participating, in the FB Group is completely optional.

How else can I communicate with Tom?

Tom will be available by email for the duration of the series.

Just The Details:

  • Seven – One Hour Sessions – 12 Weeks
  • DISC Personality Profile – Included
  • Private Facebook Group (optional)
  • Starts March 10
  • Limited to 6 Persons


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Please sign me up . . . 

I want to make the Accelerate Your Success MasterMind Series part of my success plan.

Contact us for more details and to reserve a spot.