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Do you follow the posted speed limits on roads and highways in your community (most of the time)? Why? How attentive would you be to those speed limits if there was no law enforcement present to inspect your actions? Be honest. Are their people on your team that routinely roll in to work 15 minutes late? How attentiveRead More

.           “Please excuse any typos and mispellings?” If this is part of your email signature line you might want to move on – you are probably not going to agree with this post. . I had an experience the other day that reminded me of how important attention to my emailRead More

I left the house the other morning early for a 90 minute drive. Driving time often generates the topics for my weekly emails. This trip was no different. Driving into a sunrise – well that was just a bonus, inspiring, and thought provoking. I got to my destination, pulled out my journal, and did a quickRead More

This last week I was honored to be part of a Chamber of Commerce Leadership Delegation visiting another community. This was a fact finding trip – sharing successes and challenges of the host city – identifying those positives that we might apply in our community. It would be an understatement to say that it wasRead More

How determined are you to succeed? How strong is your perseverance when confronted with obstacles? How about your team? Do your team members push through adversity or do they give up early?   Do they have tenacity . . . that quality of being determined to do or achieve something; a firmness of purpose?

Speaking and hearing come to us naturally, starting as toddlers. Communication is one of our basic skills. Most would agree that increasing the effectiveness of this one skill could greatly enhance your business and personal success. We should be very intentional about the effectiveness of our communication. I have read the books, but thought IRead More

How many would agree that our actions have a direct impact on those around us? I just heard a resounding YES over the inter-webs. The way that we approach our daily tasks have an impact on employees, bosses, co-workers, spouses, kids – everyone around us.   I want to share an example that has hauntedRead More

I love this graphic. For many, just the mere viewing of this graphic creates stress. Word problems and math problems have scarred (and scared) more students than not over the years. This graphic to me, however, is symbolic of many of the challenges we face each day in our work lives. We are asked to create solutions based onRead More