Author: Tom Trabue

7:45 am on a local four lane road. The car ahead of me is going about 10 mph below the posted speed limit – travelling in the right lane with his left turn signal on. I’m stuck. Many of the passing cars noted the turn signal and provide the driver sufficient room to move intoRead More

Have you ever considered what is going on in the brain of a baby? What drives them to want to crawl and then walk? We have experienced their frustrations as they struggle to rollover, then crawl, before they walk. I think there are some pretty big thoughts there, at least contextually. As adults and entrepreneursRead More

There seems to be a technology gap in my life. I am driving down the road – the radio is on – usually just background noise.  What was that?  I catch the tail end of a conversation (maybe an advertisement) and immediately reach forward to rewind.

I was reviewing on old journal the other day and ran across this ‘note to self . . .’               “Work on Sharing the Podium”  Not coincidentally this came up in a recent personal assessment. I immediately knew what it meant, and apparently I am still, as they say, aRead More

          “I know I have it, let me look here, I’ll have it in just a minute.” This is reminiscent of my Dad searching in his garage or workshop for a tool or a saved part knowing that someday it would be needed (I admit – this trait didn’t fall farRead More

My smart phone quit working a few weeks ago. I could still make calls (who would have thought – these crazy hand held devices really can be used for calls), but all data functions ceased. No email – no calendar – no internet – no online apps. I am pretty certain that I can doRead More