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A Gap in my Technology – Radio Rewind


Radio Dial

Radio DialThere seems to be a technology gap in my life. I am driving down the road – the radio is on – usually just background noise.  What was that?  I catch the tail end of a conversation (maybe an advertisement) and immediately reach forward to rewind.

Oops, no rewind on my radio.  Has this happened to you too?

Multiple times over the last several weeks I have reached for the radio rewind.

What makes me think this way?  This used to not be a big deal.  I remember rotary phones and transistor radios.  We had a tube TV’s growing up.  I  have become conditioned with the technology in my life.  Podcasts, TED Talks, YouTube, digital video – the ability to listen and watch at will and to hone in to precise locations in soundtracks.  The DVR on my TV – pause, rewind, repeat – it’s all there at the remote.

I watched a toddler recently reach up to a TV screen with the thumb-finger action attempting to re-size the image. We had a good laugh – this is becoming the new normal.

I find myself frustrated with my desktop computer monitor – having become so conditioned to scrolling, selecting, dragging, and resizing things on my tablet or phone touch screen with just a flick.  Using a mouse almost seems archaic.

Don’t’ get me wrong – I am not quite ready for the next wave of technology where I don’t even have to touch the screen.

All I want is rewind on my car radio.

. . . . go have an Awesome Week!

Tom Trabue

photo credit: blumblaum, CC4.0